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We specialize in small to medium sized business IT network infrastructure implementation and ongoing support. We cater to small budgets that need big IT assistance. We offer FREE computer network discovery, analysis and recommendations. We also offer website development, website hosting and administration, email hosting, email spam and virus filtering.







After we provide you with recommendations for your IT environment HTC will provide you with a proposal for the implementation phase of our process. The proposal will include an itemized quote for any hardware, software and tools that we identify as necessary. We also provide a statement of work that will include a flat fee quote for the entire project so that there are no surprises at the end of the implementation process. The HTC team focus is to quickly get your network back in shape and running smoothly.


Our team of highly skilled network engineers will visit your establishment at no charge to you. The team will assess your current state environment, discuss with you your current technology needs and future state IT environment. We will document your current network, and present you with this documentation when the discovery process has been completed.


Once recommendations have been made and technology solutions that fit your budget have been decided upon our team of network engineers begin to implement these solutions into your I.T. environment. This process is done quickly so as not to slow the productivity of your business or disrupt the ability of your employees to do their jobs. Once completed we test all hardware and software solutions for accuracy and functionality. Finally after testing we move you to production.


Many network infrastructures may be in good condition and will only require ongoing support. HIGH TECH CONSULTING has realized first hand that many networks require an effort to get the hardware, software, network accessibility and application functionality up to date. After we perform discovery on your network environment we will then present you with recommendations and a clear course of action to get your network and applications performing at an optimal level.


At this point in the process your IT environemt will be stable and running smoothly. This is where you want to be as maintaining IT will be easy to do. Unlike many of our competitors HTC does not deploy high priced network engineers to do low level maintenance and desktop support for you. We deploy skilled desktop support technicians that can take care of your day to day issues and not break your bank. No worries as HTC Network Engineers are never far away should you need us.

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