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Jeff completed his education as a certified network engineer from Certified Careers Institute, Salt Lake City, Utah in 1997. He immediately headed out to San Jose California better known to technical people as "Silicon Valley" the home of technology. Jeff began his career there. He's been engineering and maintaining corporate networks for the past 16 years. He started with First American Credco in 1997 and was quickly promoted to Sr. Systems Administrator for the Bay Area's main branch. Soon after that Jeff was made an offer by another public company; Asyst Technologies where he spent the next 2 years as Senior Systems Administrator managing the Network Engineer team and the helpdesk. Jeff returned to Utah in 2000 and was picked up by a local public company Headwaters Incorporated. He spent the next six years building their vast corporate network which spans the nation. He left Headwaters Inc. in 2005 resigning his title as Director of Information Technology and founded High Tech Consulting Inc. Jeff continues to chase his passion, successfully building computer networks, technical consulting and implementing IT infrastructures to this day.





Jim graduated from SUU in 1998 with a degree in computer science. After graduation he was offered a Tier II network engineering position with the well known technology company NEC. In the year 2000 after two years with NEC Jim was ready for new challenges and was picked up by a rapidly growing industrial company, ISG Resources. Jim contributed greatly in planning and implementing the IT infrastructure needs for this companies aggressive acquisition patch and growth objectives. After great success with ISG Resources Jim received a job offer he accepted at the same time ISG Resources was acquired by a publicly traded company. In 2002 Jim found a home for the next 5 years with publicly traded company Headwaters Incorporated. He was given the role of Senior Systems Administrator, a role he mastered. Headwaters continued to acquire smaller companies creating technology challenges that were met head on and conquered by Jim and his team. After five years of challenge and success with Headwaters Jim was once again looking for a rewarding challenge and that is when he accepted a position as Sr. Engineer with High Tech Consulting, Inc.


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